About Us
We have exported Japanese furniture market for over 40 years. Our products are sold in supermarkets、on-line shops、stores and TV shopping channels. We have the most professional attitude and the most stringent standards to supervise all aspects of product processing.

The company have exported garment in 1970s、rattan furniture and Japanese style table in 1980s、iron rack and hanger since 1990s、wooden/ iron furniture、nursing-supplies、hotel supplies and storage products since 2000s until today.

We lead the new trend in each era. Providing novel and durable porducts for Japanese customers at the first moment. With high standard of development and the most stringent quality inspection, we offer the highest quality products to all customers.

In 1970s, we mainly engaged in the garment industry.
In 1980s, we developed Japanese style tables and exported them and rattan furniture to Japan.
In 1990s, we developed the rotating hanger、stretching hanger、inexpensive and durable iron rack and made a large number of export to Japan. Meanwhile, we developed and improved some furniture for home use, such as storage shelves、hangers and trolleys.
In 2000s, we cooperated with factories in Taiwan to develope the technique of using waste PET bottles as materail to make fabric in China.
Developed TC cloth shelves、car lifts、all types of wooden furniture、gardening supplies and nursing-supplies.
From 2011 to now, we have mainly exported wooden furniture、modular furniture、hotel supplies、storage boxes、nursing-supplies to Japan.
We have expanded our business territory to domestic on-line shops since 2015.